Tryouts 2018

Important Information for 2018 Tryouts

All players need to register on line prior to attending tryouts. Our registration program is GotSoccer. If you know your child’s GotSoccer username and password, click on “Individual Users- Existing Account” and fill out the requested information. If your child played at another club in Florida, he/she has a GotSoccer account. If you do not know your username and password—choose “Individual Users- New Account” and create an account to register. Please email with any questions or issues. There is no fee to tryout.

Tryout Information:

Tryouts will last for approximately 75 minutes. 
Please try to attend as many tryout sessions as possible.  
Be sure to check the website for updates throughout the tryout weeks as notifications will be posted as rosters fill. In case of inclement weather—any field closures or cancellations will be posted on our website. 

Please Bring:

  • Soccer Ball
  • Wear cleats or outdoor shoe
  • Shin guards are required
  • Lots of water 

What Coaches look for at Tryouts:

Players are evaluated on the four pillars of soccer; technical ability, tactical ability, physical ability, and psychological attributes of the game. Some of the key things looked at are:

  • Attitude - This is a big one, we want to know how easy your player is to coach. Are they willing to learn and try new things?  
  • First Touch – Is the player’s first touch good as it affects his/her time and space on the field.  
  • Ball Manipulation - How well can the player dictate what the ball does at their feet? Can they execute soccer skills to beat an opponent or do they rely on speed?  
  • Dribbling - How close is the ball to the player as they dribble? Are they keeping their head up or constantly looking at the ground?  
  • Awareness - Do players know what's around them? Are they looking for open space or do they chase the ball?  
  • Communication - Soccer players MUST talk on the field.  
  • Defending - Every player must be able to and willing to defend (including forwards). Are players working to win the ball back -or do they check out of the game until they have the ball? 

This is by no means anywhere near a complete list but should give you an idea of what coaches are evaluating.

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