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1 ON 1 Evaluations



Whether it’s your first time or third, we understand that tryout evaluations can be a stressful time for you and your children. We hope by explaining the process, it will help alleviate some of that stress and let your child enjoy their soccer experience. 

After you register below the coach will be giving you a call to set-up a 1 on 1 evaluation at one of our soccer fields.


Locations: Lakewood Ranch, Land O lakes, Trinity, Wesley Chapel, Hernando, Zephyrhills, Tarpon, and Temple Terrace.

Leagues: Boys and Girls ECNL, Boys and Girls ECNLR, NPL, FCL I, FCL II and USA

General Information

1. Players must register for our 1 on 1 evaluation tryout before the evaluation.

2. Competitive Soccer is a 9 month commitment. Teams practice a minimum of two times per week with games on Saturday and an average of 4-5 tournaments a year.

3. Players must wear shin guards, bring a soccer ball and water to evaluation days.


The goal of the evaluation process is to maintain a fair, objective and thorough process for assessing player abilities and skills in order to place each player onto a team that will best challenge their current level of play. 


Player Evaluations: Coach evaluates players on performance during a series of activities that will showcase their soccer skills and abilities.

What does Florida Premier FC look for?

Below is a sample of things coaches will look for during the evaluations:


Technique (Skills):

First Touch/Ball Control – trapping and receiving ball in front of body, positioning to field when receiving, head up and field awareness after controlling ball.

Dribbling – ball control, inside/outside foot control, pace of dribbling, feinting, inside/outside cutting skills, acceleration and deceleration with ball, head up while dribbling.

Passing –technique with feet (inside/outside of foot), crisp/accurate passing to feet and to space, pace of pass, movement after passing. 

Shooting/Finishing –technique of driving shot with laces/inside of foot, body position on shot, follow-through, decision on when/if to shoot, following shot for rebound



Defending – marking player, pressuring player without over committing, body position when defending, stopping forward progress, tackling/gaining control of ball, knowing when to clear ball vs. dribble/pass

Field/Game Awareness – Movement without the ball. Head on a swivel, knowing where teammates, opponents & space are at all times. Knowing when to pass vs. dribble or shoot, seeing plays materialize, moving to a position that supports.


Speed – quickness off/to ball, acceleration to ball/space, change of direction and deceleration 

Strength – standing ground and/or winning position 

Aggressiveness – attacking and going to the ball on defense, attacking and dribbling around/through defenders on offense, attacking and finishing shots 



Communication – calling for the ball, directing players to space 


Attitude – are they having fun? Are they coachable, positive to other players/referees, not giving up on plays? Sportsmanship & overall potential.

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